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Music Resources
I have created a page of information on Music and Dance. Some sections are about the history of dance and music, and others are about how to build a music collection. So far I have added pages on copying, downloading, and organizing music.

Dance/Music History: I’ve begun to write a history of music and dance. It will be my attempt to show the roots of many of our modern dances and to show how various dance styles are inter-related. Dance, and dance music, is fluid and dynamic. This is a small attempt to show that flow and its history. Any help with this section would be very much appreciated. You can see what’s been done so far (not much) by checking the Music/Dance History page.

Check the Music Resources page for helpful information on a variety of online music resources. If you’re tired of Kazaa crashing your system or jamming your connection with ads and junk, here are some alternatives.

I have begun to list my extensive collection of Latin Music. I suppose that’s the thing about organizing and cataloguing. Once you’re done, you want to show it off. :-) Actually, it should prove quite useful. The first list is the complete collection by Album/CD title.

I have also posted my Latin Dance Music Lists by Genre. At the moment, the artist and song title is followed by the tempo for most titles. This will allow you to find songs at a speed that suits your needs. I will also try to include album/CD info so you will know where to find it. Eventually, I want to have clips of each song so you can listen to a small clip to check it out.. You can check out Salsa, Bolero, Merengue, and Bachata directly or go to the My Collection page to access all the lists. If there is anything else you think I should include in the lists, please let me know.

Upcoming Events (check Calendar for times, prices, details, and contact info)

Check the Online Calendar for details, contact numbers, locations, and changes. For older information, check the Archives Page

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