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Software for Copying Music
“Ripping” is the term usually used to describe the process of extracting a track from a CD or album. I prefer copying because it describes the process to the ordinary person. But, no matter. Ripping or Copying is a very simple process of converting the large digital file on the CD (the audio track) to a smaller, more compact format.
The most common format is “mp3”. However, mp3 is a “lossy” format which means that it discards data, so always select a compression quality setting that minimized the impact of the loss. The most common standard setting is “128”. While great for downloading or playing back on a computer, 128 is a little too low for serious reproduction or high-end equipment. I recommend 192 or 256 if you have the space, 160 if you don’t.

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Abander TagControl
Easily organize your music collection with this software. It can access various Internet databases to update MP3 Tags (artist, track title, album, etc. info), allow you to edit multiple tags at a time, and print out very nice reports in HTML, Text, and Excel format.
It also has a variety of free add-ons such as the ability to print our the album art work for your tracks, and lockup and include lyrics for your music. The interface is very user-friendly with a definite Windows “feel” to it. Abander TagControl supports mp3, ogg, wma, asf, and wav file types to ensure the ability to manage your complete collection of multimedia files.

FX Magic Music Box
While the database component isn’t as sophisticated as other software here, it has some interesting features.
This software has a simple interface and the ability to convert between most music formats. It can also create fully compliant “Red Book” CDs that will play in any CD player (especially important when using an older CD player). it also includes a simple data backup system and the ability to send music to portable MP3 players.

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