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Downloading Music
Probably the most well-known source of music on the Internet is
Kazaa. the problem is that the free verison of Kazaa is loaded with adware and spyware. Alternative, and free, P2P (Peer to Peer Networking) products exist that do not include adware or spyware. Here’s a list of free alternatives to Kazaa.

IMPORTANT: The nature of P2P sharing services makes them an easy source of virus infections, troajns, and assorted nasties. Before installing any P2P software or downloading any files, install an Anti-Virus program and keep it current. Check here for information on Anti-Virus software:

Kazaa Lite
Kazaa Lite is a free and clean version of Kazaa Media Desktop. It contains absolutely no spyware, adware or other unwanted software. Unlimited searches, better multi-source downloading, and much more. Kazaa Lite installer comes with a couple of very useful tools that will make your life much easier. Installation of these tools is optional. With Kazaa Lite you have access to millions of files: Movies, MP3, Software, Games and more. Also features the K-Lite Codec Pack for playing back all common movie format
Note: I have had problems with the KHancer component of some versions of KLite. Use with caution.

With an enhanced Media Player, a Library that sorts your files according to various criteria, and the ability to connect to up to four different P2P networks, , Shareaza gives you acces to hundreds of thousands of files and users. Shareaza also includes “Collections”, a way to download complete albums with just a click of the mouse.

Ares is very similar in appearance and use to Kazaa. it also has chat rooms and host channels. It includes a nice Web browser, Search, Media Player, and safe decentralized network. Typical file availability is around two million with few, if any, fake files reported.

eMule, based on eDonkey, is one of the biggest and most reliable P2P file sharing clients. Clients use several networks to create one reliable network. (ED2K, Source Exchange, Kad). This software isn’t suitable for non-sharers because download speed is directly related to uplaod speed. If you lower the access of others, the software lowers your access.

BitTorrent is more complicated to use for the average user, but has much more available and can dowload files much faster than similar P2P products. For a complete discussion of BitTorrent and the technical aspects of using it, click the link above.

A recommended source for mostly non-mainstream music, SoulSeek allows users to share folders as well as files, making the downloading of complete albums easier. SoulSeek is free, but also has a donation/priority program that rewards payment with better and faster file downloads.

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