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This page will feature Guides and Resources to help you find quality dance music. the first is a guide to the world of music downloading. Check back regularly for updates.
CAVEAT: You use the information and suggestions on this site AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you do not agree, do not use the information on this site.

Software for Copying Music
Copying your CD Collection to high-quality mp3 or other formats can provide you with an easy to access set of music files and a means of cataloguing and organizing your collection. It also allows you to create personalized CDs of all your favourite tracks without having to carry around many CDs. There are lots of software programs that can copy your CDs. I’ve listed some on this page: Music Resources: Copying.

Software for Downloading Music
Probably the most well-known source of music on the Internet is Kazaa. the problem is that the free version of Kazaa is loaded with adware and spyware. Alternative -- and free! -- P2P (Peer to Peer Networking) products exist that do not include adware or spyware. Here’s a list of free alternatives to Kazaa: Music Resources: Downloads Page.

IMPORTANT: The nature of P2P sharing services makes them an easy source of virus infections, Trojans, and assorted nasties. Before installing any P2P software or downloading any files, install an Anti-Virus program and keep it current.
Check here for information on Anti-Virus software:

Software for Cataloguing and Organizing Music
Once you start to build your collection, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep tabs on what you have and where it’s located. I’ve begun to compile a list of software that can be used to organize and catalogue your music collection. Go to the Music Resources: Organize Page.

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