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NEW A selection of free instructional beginner videos of many popular dances. Includes Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Hustle (3- and 4-Count), East Coast Swing, Tango, Bachata, Jive, Night CVlub Two Step, Samba, and Rumba.

NEW Decent selection of video clips from instructional videos for sale on the site. Range of Latin and Ballroom, Beginner to Advanced. Clips are 4-6 minutes long.

Fox Trot. Basic, a bit dated, but useful.

Ballroom Learning Centre. Lots of information, steps, pics, videos. Excellent site. Covers Latin as well

Bust A Move. Uses flash animations. Free lessons in Salsa, West and East Coast Swing, Hip Hop, and Party Dancing.

Dance Steps. Text descrptions of many dances. Ballroom, Latin, Country, Line Dancing.

DanceTV. Free lessons in Waltz, Fox Trot, and Swing. Mostly text, with some diagrams, audio and video clips.

Ballroom Bliss. This site offers free ballroom and Latin dance information, how to info, video demonstrations, technique, advice, choreography, etiquette, humor and more. It is provided by Christopher Pilarchik, a 14 year ballroom and Latin dance professional instructor, competitor, and performer. The site is dedicated to the memory of his departed wife. Excellent material. (unavailable as of 08/Sep/04)

E-Z 30 Minute Dance Course. Text and diagrams. Good background material. Latin and Ballroom.

Gotta Dance Dance Steps. Text descriptions of Ballroom and Latin dances, brief histries of dances.

Planet Tango - Our Dance. Excellent Argentine Tango history and dance steps, with photgraphs and miscellaneous video. Very thorough site.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Monthly Lesson. Text with diagrams. Thorough.

 History of Tango. An excellent site that attempts to trace the history of Tango, especially it’s early roots in Argentina, the music, the artists, the dance styles, and the popularity it enjoys today. (Tango Matters). Dedicated to Argentine Tango. Lots of information, tips on floorcraft, interviews, announcements. Very useful for the Argentine Tango enthusiast or beginner.

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