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Quick Tutorial For New Calendar

Format: Change the format to whatever you want (Day/Week/Month/Year in Block or List format) by clicking the appropriate words. The default is Weekly/Block format,.

Search: Click on “Search” (top, right) to filter by category, words, dates, etc, and display the results in whichever format you want. You can also search by location. To clear the search and see everything, click on “Normal” (top-right on black “Search Results” bar).

Use the Category list to refine your search. “Class” means any dance class. Dances are seperated into:
- Studio Dance (held at a local studio, usually non-alcohol)
- Singles Dance (held at a studio or hall. Alcohol is permitted. Geared to singles meeting singles)
- General Dance (all others, bar/club/social, etc. Alcohol is served.).

You can search on key words (entered in the “text:” box) in the Event and Pop-up text. Here is a list of words included in the events in order to make this feature more useful:

  • The specific dance: Salsa, Rumba, Swing, West Coast, Merengue, Waltz, Viennese, etc.
  • The level for classes: Beginner, Intermediate, Avanced, Bronze, etc.
  • Place names: Shirley, Patricia, Motyka, Empire, Latin Garden, etc.
  • Generic terms: Ballroom, Country, Latin, Showcase, etc.

So you could display a calendar of all Singles’ Dances. Or all the events at Shirley’s. Or all the classes, showcases, and dances that have Salsa in them. Or all the Studio Dances. Or all the Beginner’s classes. And so on. This feaure is only limited by your imagination. If you think there are other keywords I should include, please e-mail and let me know.

Access Calendar

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